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Frequently Asked

Is my travel insurance refundable?

Travel insurances are non-refundable once issued. However, if you have original and official visa rejection letter from concerned embassy, your travel insurance may be refunded with applicable fee or deduction. The procedure, charges and requirements may vary depending on travel insurance company. Please contact customer support for further detail.

Can I change travel date after my travel insurance is issued?

In most cases, the answer is Yes! Only if you change your travel date before your current departure date, mentioned on your travel insurance policy. The number of changes may be restricted and a change fee may be charged by some travel insurance providers.

Where to contact in case of emergencies abroad?

Each travel insurance company provides local and international emergency contact numbers which are mentioned on your insurance policy.

Can I use my travel insurance to treat my existing disease abroad?

Travel insurances cover accidental and emergency medical charges (as per your selected plan) only while you are abroad. Any issues due to pre-existing medical conditions or diseases are not covered.

Is travel insurance mandatory?

Travel insurance is mandatory for many countries for example Schengen Countries and Turkey. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, more and more countries are making it mandatory to get a travel insurance before you travel.

What documents are required for travel insurance issuance?

Please check Document Requirements page.

Can we buy travel insurance for Non-Pakistani nationals?

Travel insurance companies in Pakistan design travel insurance plans for Pakistani nationals who are traveling abroad. Not all, but there are few companies who provide travel insurance plans for foreign nationals as well. Please contact Customer Support for assistance.

Where to contact if I have a claim?

In case of any valid claim, you are required to contact Travel Insurance provider company directly on their phone number or address, mentioned on your travel insurance policy.

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