Required Documents for Travel Insurance

This document provides standard requirements for buying a travel insurance in Pakistan. When you make your order with us, you must provide all required documents (scan or copy) and some basic required information to complete your order. You must provide all required documents and correct information to process your order. Providing wrong information may cause rejection or delays in case of any claim.

Required Documents (Scan)

When it comes to providing scan of required documents, a clear photo of documents taken through your smartphone is acceptable.

  • Scan of all travelers' passport
  • Scan of all travelers' NIC both sides

Required Information

Following information is required that can be shared through WhatsApp, Email or by simply over the phone to one of our representative.

  • A valid contact number
  • A valid residential address
  • Detail of a person nominated as Next of Kin (usually a close family member). Only full name, relation and contact number is required for Next of Kin person. A next of kin person is a person who is eligible for insurance claim in case of unfortunate death of traveler. 

Should you need any further clarification, do not hesitate to contact our team.

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