Umrah, Hajj & Ziarat Travel Insurance

For individuals and families traveling from Pakistan for the purpose of pilgrimage (Umrah & Hajj) or Ziarat (Iraq, Iran and other places of religious interests); a travel insurance designed for this special purpose can be a good choice. Spending a small money with a travel insurance can protect you from unwanted medical expenses, cancelled flights or lost baggage.

Umrah, Hajj & Ziarat Travel Insurance

Protect your spiritual journey with a travel insurance and travel worry free. When you are traveling on a budget, even a small unwanted expense can bring down all the joys of your travel. Following are our discounted offers for you.


Company Duration Lowest Price Discount Offer You Pay
UBL Insurers7 DaysPKR 450PKR 45 (10%)PKR 405Compare and Book
UBL Insurers2 WeeksPKR 800PKR 80 (10%)PKR 720Compare and Book
UBL Insurers3 WeeksPKR 1,100PKR 110 (10%)PKR 990Compare and Book
UBL Insurers1 MonthPKR 1,500PKR 150 (10%)PKR 1,350Compare and Book
UBL Insurers2 MonthsPKR 2,300PKR 230 (10%)PKR 2,070Compare and Book

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