Global Travel Insurance Rates

These are standard travel insurance rates for all countries excluding USA, Canada, Australia and Schengen countries. We update and compare rates from all travel insurance companies in Pakistan and bring a comparison of lowest rates for you. We also offer additional discount on company provided insurance rates, so you can get best value from us.

Global Travel Insurance Rates

Following is a comparison of more than 2500 travel insurance plans and the lowest price in each category. Please use compare and book option to see other rates and complete benefits in your desired duration.


Company Duration Lowest Price Discount Offer You Pay
UBL Insurers7 DaysPKR 550PKR 55 (10%)PKR 495Compare and Book
United Insurance10 DaysPKR 840PKR 126 (15%)PKR 714Compare and Book
UBL Insurers2 WeeksPKR 950PKR 95 (10%)PKR 855Compare and Book
UBL Insurers3 WeeksPKR 1,500PKR 150 (10%)PKR 1,350Compare and Book
United Insurance1 MonthPKR 1,690PKR 253 (15%)PKR 1,437Compare and Book
UBL Insurers2 MonthsPKR 2,500PKR 250 (10%)PKR 2,250Compare and Book
United Insurance3 MonthsPKR 4,025PKR 603 (15%)PKR 3,422Compare and Book
United Insurance6 MonthsPKR 6,720PKR 1,008 (15%)PKR 5,712Compare and Book
United Insurance1 YearPKR 9,135PKR 1,370 (15%)PKR 7,765Compare and Book

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