Book Travel Insurance for Croatia in Pakistan

Croatia is a country in south-east Europe having borders with Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It also shares maritime border with Italy. Until recent, Croatia was not part of Schengen countries that allows borderless travel within Schengen member countries in Europe.

As per recent announcement, Croatia is joining Schengen area from 1st January, 2023. This is the latest addition to Schengen agreement.

Croatia now part of Schengen

Travel Insurance for Croatia

If you are planning to apply for a visa in Croatia in Pakistan; it now has same travel insurance requirements as of other Schengen member countries. Travelers or visa applicants must obtain a travel insurance that covers minimum EUR 30,000 or USD 50,000 emergency medical coverage throughout their stay in Croatia.

A surge has been observed in demand of travel insurance and visa applications to Croatia. If you are looking for the lowest rates and additional discounts for Croatia travel insurance at Pakistan, please check our prices. We ensure lowest fares, authentic travel insurance that covers all requirements of Croatian embassy in Pakistan.

Croatia will be the 27th country to join Schengen area agreement.

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