Terms of Service

Your orders, payments, data processing and travel insurance policy is subject to terms and conditions mentioned in this document.

Issuance & Claims

  • This website is operated by Globe Travel, authorized to sell travel insurance products listed on this website.
  • We are not a travel insurance company ourself.  We are not liable to settle any claims.
  • All travel insurance orders that you make on this website are then issued by actual travel insurance companies through our team (the process is quick).
  • In case of any claim, you must contact travel insurance company directly.
  • By booking a travel insurance from us, you exempt us from any claim process or any legal involvement or process between you and the travel insurance company.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your order in case of error in selected price

Your Data

  • You must provide all required supporting documents and information to us to complete your order.
  • Your provided data is kept with us safely and we take all necessary measures to keep it secure with us.
  • Your provided data is forwarded and shared with your chosen travel insurance company and a requirement.
  • We do not sell or distribute your contact and personal data.
  • We can contact you in future for any product or service updates.


  • All travel insurance products are non-refundable.
  • Some travel insurance companies may approve a refund only if you have official and original rejection letter from the relevant embassy.
  • A certain percentage of amount can be deducted in case of any refund process. The deduction may be up to 75% in some cases.
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