Travel Insurance pricing is based on countries and region. There are specialized pricing structure for each country or group of countries. We bring complete comparison of travel insurance rates in Pakistan for you. Please select an appropriate pricing region to see the comparison and discounts.

Standard Worldwide Insurance

In this category you will find standard wordlwide travel insurance rates. These rates are applicable in most cases. However for USA, Canada, Australia and Schengen countries, there are separate specialized rates. If you are looking for a travel insurance other than the excluded countries mentioned earlier, you can check standard prices.


USA, Canada & Australia

These travel insurance prices are specially designed for passengers traveling to USA, Canada and Australia. The standard worldwide insurance does not cover travel insurance for these three countries. A travel insurance purchased in this category also gives you cover for worldwide coutries (excluding Schengen countries).


Schengen Area

Schengen Area or Schengen States is a group of 26 countries in European region who share border controls and have similar requirements for visa issuance to foreigners. Schengen countries have some specific minimum requirements for travel insurance. A travel insurance is mandatory when you are applying for a visa to any member country of Schengen Area.


Student Plans

A student travel insurance plan is an essential safety measure for all Pakistani students traveling abroad for education. The student plans are designed for longer stays outside the country of residence and include special discounts and features for students. Avoid budget exhaustion in case of emergency and protect your student travel with a travel insurance.


Hajj, Umrah & Ziarat

Travel Insurance plans specially designed for Muslim pilgrimage to holy places. These travel insurance plans cover your journey when traveling to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umrah or going for Ziarat to Iraq and Iran and other places of pilgrimage interests.


Domestic Pakistan Travel Insurance

For Pakistani nationals traveling inside Pakistan for personal, official or family trips. Protect yourself from medical emergencies and unexpected situations with an easy-on-pocket travel insurance plan. Insure and travel with peace of mind.