Best Travel Insurance for Europe in Pakistan

Pakistani nationals travel to different countries around the Europe for study, vacations and family reunions. Many people of Pakistani origin also live in Europe as a permanent resident or have second nationality as well. 

If you are planning to apply a visa to Europe, more than 90% of European countries now require a travel insurance with your visa application. A travel insurance is mandatory for all Schengen member countries in Europe.

Travel Insurance Price for Europe

There are certain minimum requirements set by European countries for a travel insurance. For example all Schengen member countries require that the applicant must obtain a travel insurance with minimum EUR 30,000 travel insurance coverage in case of emergency medical assistance.

We provide the lowest travel insurance rates with additional discount for Europe travel insurance. Low rates – but no compromise on quality and services. You can check best rates for Schengen travel insurance in Pakistan or compare travel insurance rates.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Travel Insurance

If you have provided all the required documents and information for travel insurance, you can expect your travel insurance to be ready in under an hour. A travel insurance policy is issued as an electronic document and can be delivered over e-mail or instant messaging to you. Customers can verify their policy online for authenticity.

Which is Best Company for Travel Insurance

There is not a single criteria to rate a travel insurance company, but according to several factors including years of service, customer support and claims process, we recommend United Insurance, Adamjee Insurance and UBL Insurers to be the top three in travel products.

Should you have any further questions, comments or feedback, please feel free to contact our customer support for a quick answer.


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