Check Visa, Passport & Health Requirements

An authentic travel information portal to check visa on arrival, passport and health requirements online for your destination country. The portal is based on TIMATIC, the most trusted travel information system used by airlines, travel agencies and airports.

You can check all requirements from IATA Travel Center at this link.

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What information is available?

Visa Requirements

The most common question: if you need a visa for the destination country based on your nationality? You can find accurate and detailed answers here. Based on your country of nationality, many countries will allow you to enter without getting a visa. This is also called visa-on-arrival or visa-free entry. For instance, Pakistani nationals are allowed to enter few countries without visa (example Maldives), but on the other hand a US national is allowed to enter several dozen countries without visa. You can find this information from IATA Travel Center

Health Requirements

You can also find any health requirements from this portal. This was not that essential before COVID-19 happened, but now there are lots of health requirements and essential health arrangements that may be required before you travel

Customs: Import & Export

A great resource to find basic import and export requirements for travelers. Few common questions that how much money can I take with me or how much cigarettes I can take with me; can be found here.


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