Group Travel Insurance Discounts

Getting a travel insurance for a group of travelers is as essential as finding the right place to stay and selecting the best air ticket or by-road travel options. If you have a group of traveler planning to travel inside Pakistan or going abroad for vacation, educational tour or business meeting, we can offer you exceptional discounts on your travel insurance.

Group Travel

Discount on Group Travel Insurance

Many travel insurance plans come with additional discount for group travelers. Travel insurance companies in Pakistan usually offer special group travel insurance rates for domestic traveling and passengers traveling for Hajj, Umrah or Ziarat.

How to Get a Group Discount

Once you have found a travel insurance plan for you and you need a travel insurance for more than 10 individuals, please contact our customer support and we shall find out the group discount for you and also provide additional discount from our side. In some cases, you can get up to 25% discount in case of group travel insurance booking.

Travel Insurance for Corporates

Large corporate companies send their employees and sometimes their business partner companies for leisure or business travel. Either you are planning for inside Pakistan travel or travel abroad, it is highly recommended to provide additional protection and coverage to your people in case of medical and other emergencies. Not only this provides a peace of mind, but also keeps your company from additional financial damages in case of any emergency situation during travel.

Group Corporate Travel

Travel Insurance for Educational Institutes 

Almost all educational institutes take their students for a leisure or educational trip inside Pakistan every year. Get a cheap group domestic travel insurance and provide additional benefits to your students in case of any medical emergencies and loss of certain items.

Insurance for Umrah, Hajj and Ziarat

Pilgrims traveling for Hajj, Umrah and Ziarat pass through a chain of travel process where even a single broken link (a medical condition, delayed flight, lost baggage or passport) can bring huge disruption to your travel plans. Get a discount group or individual travel insurance package for hajj, Umrah or Ziarat and travel with peace of mind and without hassle of spoiling your travel budget.

Group Insurance for Travel inside Pakistan

Domestic tour operator companies, schools, colleges, corporates, families and individuals can get a group or individual travel insurance when they are traveling inside Pakistan and safeguard themselves in case of certain emergencies and exceptional situations including flight delays, lost checked-in baggage, medical emergencies and more.

Contact our Customer Support to find out discounts on Group Travel Insurance and to insure the travel of your customers, teams and people. 


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